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Meet Sparrow
& Aaron

"We are excited to welcome you to our special part of the world and this hotel that has been close to our hearts for many years. We were married at the inn, back in 2009, on a sunny afternoon in the garden, when everything was in bloom. As West Virginia natives, we referred to this unique historic hotel as a cornerstone of Lewisburg, little did we know we were fated to become the owners! When we bought the inn, in August of 2014, we were overjoyed and filled with gratitude for what felt like a wonderful twist of fate. The overwhelm of immense responsibility that came with such an undertaking was quick to follow. We are proud to say that such an undertaking has inspired dedication like no other--both to each other, and to this place. We feel very strongly about delivering an excellent customer experience on all fronts. We have poured our expertise into the General Lewis, from the careful design and renovation of the rooms, to the classic meets contemporary decor, to the exquisite cuisine and cocktails we serve in our Dining Room and Thistle Lounge. Come and stay with us for a spell! Kick off your shoes, and relax. You may be surprised to find yourself just as in love as we are."




8.22.14, Day One 

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