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Dining at the 

General Lewis 

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A Dining Experience like Never Before

Our elegant Dining Room is tucked away in the Eastern corner of the Inn, right next to the Thistle Lounge. We also offer outdoor seating on our front Veranda and Patio. We serve up Southern dishes full of local flavor with a modern twist. We make everything from scratch. Imagine Grandma's cooking but with the finest of ingredients sourced from our local farms and gardens. 


Come out and enjoy! 

Finer Print: While we do our best to accommodate our hotel guests, we are also open to the public, please make your reservations in our restaurant early, as we have limited seating and bookings fill fast. 

For parties of 6 plus people a 20 percent gratuity is added, and we are unable to split checks. 







Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon

Saturdays and Sundays

Bar Open 7 days a Week

The Jefferson Dining Room
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Our Cuisine

Fresh, Simple, Classic.

We are committed to running an ethical restaurant that is good for our farmers, our staff and our world. That's why we carefully source our ingredients and focus on seasonal fare. We serve fair trade organic coffee, real butter, real maple syrup and prepare everything from scratch.


We believe simple food is the best food. Our talented chefs bring Contemporary Southern up a notch with their transformation of pure and simple ingredients into a world-class fine dining experience.  

Meet the Farmers, Suppliers, Purveyors, (And Us)!


Bruce Jordan - Our head Chef and boss in the kitchen. Bruce is from Huntington, West Virginia. He is a self-taught food magician, tapped into the art of Fine Dining, and has extensive knowledge of traditional Southern fare. Make sure to stop by for brunch for his famous buttermilk biscuits. Bruce creates dishes that are classical Southern with a modern flare through his close collaboration with owner, Sparrow Huffman.

Rodrigo Palacios - Our other in-house Chef and valued member of the team! Rodrigo is also a WV native and has many years of experience in the culinary world. Rodrigo not only brings his years of experience in kitchens, but also much needed comic relief on a daily basis. He is a positive team player and makes everyone laugh!     

Hall Hitzig - We are so fortunate to have our very own pastry chef, the renowned
"Crazy Baker"! Hall is Sicilian and was trained as a pastry chef in England. Hall masterfully creates desserts for the Dining Room and our sister restaurant, the Stardust Cafe. He also makes handmade pasta and raviolis and our delicious bagels in house! Fun fact, Hall is also Sparrow's uncle.

Harris Sams - With 8 years in our restaurant family, and as 1/2 of our bar staff, Harris is key member of our team. Harris has many years of experience in the service industry, and has cultivated his fine taste from an early age with the help of his pastry chef parents. When it comes to cocktails, Harris knows how to innovate. He finds the most joy in the reactions he elicits in customers when they are delightfully surprised by the unexpected pairings of ingredients that he comes up with. He also makes our daily soup! Always with the freshest local ingredients, of course.   

Ben Cadle - The other half of our bar staff, and also a longtime member of the family. Ben has been working for us since he was just 16, and has acquired many skills and trades between our two restaurants over the last 5 years. His latest venture into the world of mixology has sparked his creative side and air towards perfectionism. He understands the art of letting the ingredients speak for themselves, and can be found pouring himself over different measurements and texts in order to perfect his latest concoction. The truism of, "a little goes a long way," is often on his mind when he's busy crafting.  

Jeff's Breads - Handmade with love and attention to detail, Jeff Kessler has been baking bread for the Greenbrier Valley for over 30 years.


Bluestone Mountain Farm - Farmer Rhonda specializes in organic, non-GMO vegetables and grains, sweet potatoes and our Bloody Butcher Cornmeal and makes pickles!


Rainbow Farm - Paul and Lauren Brenner moved to West Virginia in 2009 to homestead and have an organic farm. They supply us with fresh eggs, their amazing pasture chickens, and fresh vegetables.


Sweat Meadow Farm - Steve and Nancy Wardwell grow the vast majority of our vegetables, from tomatoes to potatoes, they never use chemicals, and their produce is the best we have ever worked with.

Turnrow Appalachian Farm Collective - Dedicated to improving the health of our communities and redefining Appalachian economy, Turnrow Collective offers us local mushrooms, meats, lettuces, microgreens and fresh herbs.

Run and Jump Farm - Ryan Brady and Hayley Tamea run an unparalleled grass-fed beef and sheep farm in southern Greenbrier County. Their commitment to quality shines through in their delightful product.


Buzz Foods - WV owned and operated food distribution specializing in fine meats and fresh seafood.  





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Hall Hitzig

Harris sams

ryan brady and hayley tamea


Bruce jordan


rodrigo palacios


ben cadle

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